You know the problem with a garden? Well, you spend all of this time and effort preparing the ground. Then you have to plant all of the little buggers. And then there is the weeding, and hoeing and composting and it is just work, work, work.

And then – after you have worked your fingers to the bone how do these ungrateful little plant buggers show how much they appreciate your efforts? THEY MAKE YOU MORE WORK.

Somebody has to pick all of those damn veggies & fruits. Somebody has to process them before they go bad and you feel guilty for putting in all of that work and letting it rot. And let me ask you, who has two thumbs and is the only person around to do all of this work?


I will be able to better document the canning efforts that I have been engaging in at a later date but for now I can give you a list. In addition to the peach fest I have already recounted I have produced:

  • 7 half pints of Red Onion & Sage Jelly
  • 4 half pints of Red Pepper & Garlic Jelly
  • 7 half pints of Banana Pepper Jelly
  • 6 half pints of Tomato, Coriander and Ginger Jam
  • 6 half pints of candied Cantaloupe
  • 7 pints of Corn Relish
  • 5 pints of Tomato Salsa
  • 6 pints of Tomatillo Salsa

And that doesn’t include the 12 quart bags of tomato sauce, 6 bags of corn on the cob, 4 quart bags of creamed corn and 4 quarts of home dehydrated figs in the freezer.

There is a full sized paper grocery bag in the ‘fridge full of banana peppers waiting to be turned into jelly and hiding below it is a bag of jalapenos to keep things interesting. The tomatillos have just started producing – so I anticipate more on that front. I have yet to dig the Irish or Sweet potatoes – who knows what they have in store for me.

And it is almost Apple season! Yay.

Have  you participated in the harvest season with an eye towards preserving? I would love to hear what you have been doing.