It is way beyond obvious to state that I took a hiatus from this blog. Don’t know if anyone particularly cared, but I had a very good reason. It was just a reason I didn’t feel comfortable talking about on this here interwebs.

Due to the ass-tacular economy my husband had to take contract work. Not bad if you can get it – but it was a three month contract.

In Columbus, Ohio.

We live in Atlanta, GA.

I could draw you a map, but I am gonna assume that you passed 3rd grade and save you from my mad drawing skillz. His absence put a huge cramp in my giddy-up blogging wise, and there was the whole sole caregiver to our three year old thrown into the mix. It was very hard for me to come up with anything to post that didn’t involve whining about how lonely and frantic and stressed out I was.

And short of hanging a sign out at our Mailbox saying “HEY AXE-MURDERS. WOMAN AND CHILD LIVING ALONE HERE. OK? THX”, I didn’t think there was a way that would make me feel more exposed than admitting my alone-ness on this blog.

But as of tonight he is home. And he has his own axe so back off!

To ensure at least one post a month (and I am hoping for more) I have signed up for a blog “event”. Yeppers – an actual commitment that is in print on someone else’s blog – so it is a fact, correct? The event is tigress in a jam’s can jam. She apparently has a phobia of capital letters, or maybe I need to mail her a spare Shift key? How very e.e. cummings.

I have a second confession to make. Another reason that I quit posting and that I really need to get over. Tastespotting. I got very depressed by all the rejection. Almost paralyzed and unable to post for fear of it not being “good enough”. I consider myself a pretty good photographer – but the lighting in my kitchen is for shit. And I have better things to spend my money on than an itty bitty food photography studio, really doesn’t everyone?

So the only decent light I get is in late morning – and unless I turn this into a breakfast food blog that isn’t gonna fly. I usually get to cooking and have an opportunity to take pictures at dinner. Once fall rolled around light went bye bye way too early for my schedule.

OK ’nuff kvetching. Although it is not a food photo, I will leave you with one of my favorite photos I have taken. To put my money where my mouth is regarding photography.

And I think of it as Cat Jam. So that is sorta foodie.

ps: I totally got kicked out of Daring Bakers.