And I guess here is as good of a place as any, here being an explanation of why I would name a food blog Robbing Peter. The old cliche, “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” seemed to be a pretty good analogy for the cooking style I have been developing to cope with current economic times.

You see, I have developed this theory that the food that I cook for my family has three primary considerations when it comes down to it: Quality, Cost and Convenience. And unfortunately you can only have two out of the three in any given situation.

Huh, you might say?

And I would say, for example, if a food is of high quality and is a convenience food (i.e.: prepared meal etc…) then it is not going to be cheap. Or, if you find a convenience food that is cheap then odds are that it is not going to be of the highest quality. This means I often find myself in the position of Robbing Peter, sacrificing one element to acquire another element that I desire.

In the past, when money seemed to be falling off of trees, I had no problem laying cost on the sacrificial altar to make sure things were quick. Now? Not so much. Now cost has risen to the forefront of concerns in my life as I suspect is happening in many others’ lives. But, I try my best to avoid throwing quality under the bus.

Which leaves us with convenience, or time, not the most available commodity in my world dominated by a 2 year old. The solution I have developed is stealing time when I can find it and using that time to make my own convenience items. As I come up with ideas, successful or otherwise, I intend to share them here – so watch this space!